I'm so happy to start this new series of interviews to Etsy artists with the beautiful work of Yael Berger, here is what she is generously sharing with us today.

"I'm small town girl. I grew up in small town by the Mediterranean sea in the south of Israel. From one side we had the sea and the other were the Orange grooves. I heaven for kid to grow up.

I have a BA in Textile design and worked in the fashion and Textile industry for more then 25 years. I had a design studio with a friend and worked in a major underwear and sock company as a senior designer. This lead to lots of travels to Europe and the US meeting customers and for exhbition . It was really fascinating working with brands like Nike, Hugo Boss, MEXX and from the other side with Department store and mass production like Hema, Marks & Spencer , Wallmart and such.

In 2007 i quite my job as i felt tired of it and needed a change in my life , I was looking for an easy and simpler way of life. For a year i just went to walks in the parks and street of Tel Aviv taking photos and painting, Then a friend introduced me to Etsy. I opened thejoyofcolor in 2009 and i'm still here. Still happy to know my art work is spread around the world."

Yael Berger

When did you start being an artist?

I never called my self an artist but since i rememeber myself i'm painting. On paper on canvas on furniture even painting walls with plain color its a joy for me. I also always knitted and embroidered and had a deep love for fabrics and folk art. 

Who influenced you?

I think i have several kind of influence . I'm a great of the impressionists and the modern artists , My favorit artist is Matisse. As i said before i love folk art and flowers trees and plants.

What makes your work special? 

Thant a tough one :) buy maybe my desire to show the beauty in the simple things like finding the beauty in a shape and color of a pear or any other mundane subject.

Where do you love to work?

I love working as i'm working now in my home studio in the morning when the light is wonderful. I just wish it was a little bigger so i can work on bigger scale canvas. 

Why did you decide to sell on etsy?

As i said i was introduced to Etsy by a friend and i jut knew its the place for me. and of course to artists, maker and crater to sell there work to the world. You can present your work with not intermediate of a gallery or an agent you have a huge marketplace and sky is the limit. I'm not saying its easy , marketing is still a constant struggle , but I enjoy every day , i'm doing what i love doing , i met wonderful supportive people , sellers and buyer, There is a great sastifaction knowing your art is allover the world , from Sydney to NY to Alaska of Finland. 

And nothing make me more happy then the kind feedback from those who bought my art.

Your mantra 

Keep it Simple

A reason to buy art

I think this is a thing going deep into mankind History and culture. Aesthetic is a major part of our life, even in the primitive society they created decoration and ornaments not just for religion ceremonies but also to make life more beautiful , It means we have another level above the survival one. 

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