Today we are meeting one of the first artists I fell in love with when I discovered Etsy, Elvia Perrin. I love Elvia's elegant and minimal work, and it's a real pleasure to have her interviewed in my blog, thanks Elvia!

Elvia Perrin received her MFA from the University of North Texas at Denton, Texas, 2002. She was a collaborator, printer and artist at Flatbed Press in Austin, Texas from 2002-2009.She was the Intaglio instructor and the class coordinator at Flatbed Press.She has taught Basic Drawing at Texas State University at San Marcos after graduate school.Elvia taught Printmaking and Drawing I at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas.She currently is a Lecturer of Art at Texas State University teaching foundation courses and working in her own printmaking studio.Elvia lives and works in Austin, Texas.She has shown nationally and internationally.

When did you start being an artist?

I have always made art, but I considered myself an artist after graduate school. I felt

like I had a clear vision and voice in my work. I felt secure in my worth of my artwork and as an artist compared to fellow artists.

Who influenced you?

I admire many artists like Tara Donovan, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Sol Lewitt, and many others.  I love looking at art and researching individual artists and their methodology.

What makes your work special?

I like my work because it is sincere. It reflects my obsessive nature, it mirrors the balance of control and disorder in my life. I think my work is beautifully crafted, thoughtful and the true me.

Where do you love to work?

I work in my printmaking studio in my backyard.

Why did you decide to sell on Etsy?

I started to sell on Etsy because I wanted to share my work with as many people as I could and to have an excuse to make more. 

Your Mantra 

Be good, Get good or Give up.

A reason to buy art 

I believe you should buy because art that inspires you, engages you & is a piece you can’t live without it.

Find more of Elvia Perrin's beautiful art and purchase her creations here