Abstract prints, altered landscapes, collages and paintings, I love everything Jesùs Perea creates especially those imaginary landscapes. Born in Madrid in 1971, Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts in Universidad Complutense de Madrid. For many years, Jesùs has simultaneously developed his career as a graphic designer and illustrator along with his personal work. Currently, Jesùs's work is focused on the production of digitally generated pieces. 

When did you start being an artist?

In my city, where I always live, Madrid.

Who influenced you?

So many artists, hard to mention just a few.

What makes your work special?

I think I can't answer that... I only can say that I feel happy doing what I do.

Where do you love to work?

In my study, always listening to good music.

Why did you decide to sell on Etsy?

A friend of mine told me about it, and I think it's a great place for selling art.

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